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Mafalda is a precocious girl, always concerned about humanity, peace, and human rights. She hates soup (well, 'hate' is too soft a word for it). She's quite a patriot, and she loves the Beatles.
Felipe hates school and homework, and fantasizes about his school being destroyed. He likes comics, specially the Lone Ranger. Felipe has this habit of torturing himself with guilty feelings as soon as he starts having fun. [Felipe]
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(c) Quino
Manolito (Manuel Goreiro) takes the term "entrepeneur" to a new level. You don't know anything about money until you meet Manolito. He works at his father's store, and he's not too crazy about the Beatles.
Susanita (Susana Clotilde Chirusi) is a hopeless flirt, and also a hopelessly prejudiced snob. The only thing she can think about is becoming a mother when she grows up, although she makes time for hating Manolito, of course.
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(c) Quino
Libertad is tiny and simple, but what a character!

Aline says(1): "She's the shortest and the most sarcastic character, who wants things to be simpler and she says everything she thinks, without worrying a little! She's just like what her name suggests: Freedom."
Guille is Mafalda's little brother (born in book #4, strip 937). Brigitte Bardot's #1 fan.(2)
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(c) Quino
Miguelito (Miguel Pitti) is another pal of Mafalda's.
Mom (Raquel) is a housewife. Dad is about 37 years old, and he works for an insurance company. He loves his plants, and naturally hates ants. [parents]
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1. Slightly edited.
2. Thanks to Leandro Venturini for reminding me.

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