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#???, Mafalda 10 (1974)
Man: "Changing the world! Ha! Kids' stuff!"
Man: "I, too, had such ideas when I was young, and now you see..."
Mafalda: "We're doomed, guys! It turns out, if we don't hurry up and change the world, the world changes us!"

Las situaciones embarazosas... ¿Las trae la cigueña?

[Back pain]
#803, Mafalda 4 (1968)
Dad (thinking): "Could I be getting younger than my body?"

He decidido enfrentar la realidad, asi que apenas se ponga linda me avisan.

[Felipe paying attention]
#????, Mafalda 8 (1972)
Felipe (thinking): "I must pay attention, without missing a detail, to what the teacher is saying..."
"...and focus all my senses..."
"...and concentrate all my attention... and..."
Teacher: "Did you all understand?"
Students: "Yes Ms.!"

Comienza tu dia con una sonrisa, verás lo divertido que es ir por ahi desentonando con todo el mundo.

[Felipe's school dreams]
#1596, Mafalda 8 (1972)
Felipe's mother: "Felipe, it's 7:15 AM already!"
Felipe: (mumble, mumble)
Demolition workers (tearing down Felipe's school): "Wait! Wait! The demolition was on the other block!"
Felipe: "How the heck does my imagination wake up before I do?"

A mi me gusta la simplicidad de la gente simple. Yo soy simple pero no es precisamente por eso que me gusta la gente simple, sino por razones mas simples.

[1st day of school]
#317, Asi es la Cosa, Mafalda (1967)
Dad: "My god! what's happening?"
Mafalda: "Nothing... I just don't want to be late for the first day of school."

Si yo fuera un agitador, la policia engordariiiia...

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