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[one of those talks] Mini-FAQ

Q: How old are the kids?
A: Mafalda is 5 years old in the beginning. Felipe is one year older.

Q: Where does Quino live?
A: Buenos Aires and Milán.

Q: Does Quino have kids?
A: He's been married to Alicia since 1960, but they have no kids as far as I know.

Q: Did Quino kill Mafalda?
A: Some people have asked me to confirm or deny whether Mafalda was killed by a soup truck. That is not true.

NOTE: Each book (from the original compilations) doesn't actually represent a year in Mafalda's world. If they did, the kids would be in their mid-teens in the last book.


* Mafalda first appears in the weekly Primera Plana on September 29, 1964.
* Mafalda meets Felipe on January 19, 1965.
* Mafalda (and Quino) leave Primera Plana for the newspaper El Mundo on March 9, 1965, where she meets Manolito and Susanita.
* El Mundo closes down on December 22, 1967, but Mafalda goes on at the weekly Siete Dias in 1968.
* Quino discontinues Mafalda in 1973.

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