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#34, Mafalda (1966)
Mafalda: "Here I go, to infinity!"
Mafalda: "Here I go, to infinity!"
Mom: "I'm warning you, Mafalda. My patience has limits."
Mafalda: "So does infinity."

Eso de las vacaciones es para los afeminados.

[This is a stick up!]
#???, Mafalda 5 (1969)
Mafalda and Felipe: "This is a stick up!"
Manolito: "Ms., if you don't like the prices, you can shop somewhere else!"
Manolito: "Sorry, it's the habit."

Si alguien te golpea tu mejilla izquierda, ve y aprende karate.

[Let's play house]
#???, Mafalda 5 (1969)
Susanita: "Let's pretend we are ladies like your mom and my mom, ok?"
Mafalda: "Cool!"
Mafalda: "And that we got together to have tea and talk..."
Susanita: "Well..."
Mafalda: "Let's see..."
"Who says the first stupid thing?"

(Susanita, to Quino)

Vos sos el disolvente pesimista que le mete a aquella esas estupideces en la cabeza, ¿no?

[I'm going to be a mother!]
#98, Mafalda (1966)
Mafalda: "What are you going to be when you grow up, Susanita?"
Susanita: "I'm going to be a mother!"
Susanita: "Your dad has a very original way of lying down."

Felipe: ¿Y, como anda la paz en Vietnam?
Mafalda: Ahi. Parece que les sobro un poco de guerra y les da lástima tirarla.

[Chocolate and TV]
March 22, 1965
Dad: "Give me a chocolate bar."
Dad: "Mafalda is going to be so happy with this!"
Dad: "Guess what I brought you Maf...?"
Mafalda: "A TV SET???"
Dad: "I never knew chocolate could taste like failure."

Sabían que Almacén Don Manolo vende baratísimo?

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