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[Felipe's teacher]

#320, Asi es la Cosa, Mafalda (1967)
Felipe: "I'm so happy with my new teacher! She's such a friendly, pleasant woman! I don't know, she's wonderful!"
Mafalda: "You're so lucky to have her, because we have to see our teacher every day... and every week... and every month of a very long year!"
Felipe: "What an old hag!"

Van a llevarme a pasar las vacaciones al campo. ¿Lo conocen? Es una cosa verde que queda lejos.

#????, Mafalda 9 (1973)
Man: "Hi, what's your name?"
Mafalda: "Mafalda"
Man: "How nice. Do you go to school?"
Mafalda: "Yes, of course. Do you pay all your taxes?"
Mafalda: "He started talking about obligations."

"MAMA, vos que futuro le ves a ese movimiento por la liberacion de la muj... no, nada, olvidalo."

"Mom, what future do you see for that women's liberation moveme... no, nothing, forget it."

Felipe's mom: "Felipe, can you go buy milk?"
Felipe: "Sorry, mom, I'm busy."
Felipe: "However, they respect that lie from a grown-up."

[the fight on TV]
Dad: "What are you watching, Mafalda?"
Mafalda: "The fight."
Dad: "But... it's a soap opera! What fight are you talking about?"
Mafalda: "The writer's fight. It's fascinating seeing the writer's struggle to escape the clutches of intelligence."

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