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[atxf] Before Posting to alt.tv.x-files ...
Read this before you post.

[atxf] alt.tv.x-files directory
Who's Who? A-Z

[atxf] the infamous alt.tv.x-files stats
Are you a non-entity?

[fun] Ode to alt.tv.x-files
"borrowed" from Cindy

[fun] Second ode to alt.tv.x-files
Also "borrowed" from Cindy

[fun] Third ode to alt.tv.x-files
Again, "borrowed" from Cindy

[fun] alt.tv.x-files Al FAQ
"borrowed" from Grispy

[fun] alt.tv.x-files Al Quiz
"borrowed" from Beagle

[fun] alt.tv.x-files recipe
"borrowed" from Beagle

[fun] Addicted to Al
"borrowed" from Nick P.

[fun] Mambo #X
"borrowed" from Theresa

[fun] Scully's Tech Support
Author unknown (by me).

[fun] Why did the chicken cross the road?
Author(s) unknown.

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