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Featuring Appearances by:

Mike Quigley <a02632@giant.mindlink.net>
Adhokk7 <adhokk7@aol.com>
Hank <ahsv@ix.netcom.com>
Archie <archcub@bu.edu>
Beagle <astrea@sprint.ca>
autumnt@aol.com (Autumn T)
Ben Shimmin <bas@cybernexus.demon.co.uk>
Bast Black <bastblack@aol.comusa>
Brie <bboutin@Stanford.EDU>
~Brian~ <bbrassine@carolina.rr.nospam>
Brian Manning <bcm_308@yahoo.com>
Lynn Ditto <beckncall@email.com>
BethLynn <bethlynn@aol.com>
Binah <binah@pdq.net>
Barbara Ruef <bjruef@unix.tamu.edu>
Bonnie <bjm1352@aol.com>
Brian Shea <bshea@mybluelight.com>
Stacey <Carterconn@aol.com>
CatharinaK@aol.com (Cathy)
kimba <catinacanoe@rogers.com>
Cindy <cindyju@mail.utexas.edu>
Chris 'Coz' Costello <coz@enteract.com>
buffy <davidleoni@aol.com>
Osu <dawn@sgarden.demon.co.uk>
Teddi Litman <daybreaq@ix.netcom.com>
drscully@mindspring.com (Cynthia Schmidt)
Mopsee~~ <elianaka@my-deja.com>
et_fan <et_fan@erasehotmail.com>
W. Blaine Dowler <fiziko@bureau42.com>
GeoRed <geored@aol.com>
gizzie@ix.netcom.com (Coleen Sullivan-Baier)
GravesPA2 <gravespa2@aol.com>
Michael Gosselin <gosselin@fas.harvard.edu>
Adora <heather@ctaz.nospamcom>
Alisoun <herbtieh@usa.net>
HeatherLyn <hlscotland@msn.com>
Circe <iamcirce@cox.net>
Trish Leon <intikilla@aol.com>
Theresa L. Griffin <invisimirror@remove.this.worldnet.att.net>
Jose Bermudez <jbermude@staff.uiuc.edu>
"Jen" <jenniferm@ucr.campus.mci.net>
jerry <jerrynospamcanary@worldnet.att.net>
Jewlz! <jewlz@vnet.net>
Sister Nancy <jncotton@mindspring.com> (Nancy & Jim Cotton)
"Nick Pedicini" <jnybny@postoffice.ptd.net>
Tamarisk <jtl5610@e-mail.dk>
julsb@aol.com (Julsb)
"Kathryn and Chad" <kbillin@cyberstate.infi.net>
KGlover602 <kglover602@aol.com>
Kipler <kipler@aol.com>
"KatieMoo" <klongo@uclink.berkeley.edu>
Konrad Douglas Frye <NOkfryeSPaM@escape.ca>
laura capozzola <lauracap@erols.com>
lynx mulderite <lynx46@erols.com>
Connie Ogle (mako1@infi.net)
Akakan <marketp@ziplink.net>
Meg <megadee@mindspring.com> (That Megadee Chick)
Michele Jackson <mjackson4@earthlink.net>
Michael Walsh <mp1walsh@adelphia.net>
Martha <mwlittle@mindspring.com>
Merna/Michael Anderson <myrke@ix.netcom.com>
Nancy Black <NBlack1@prodigy.net>
Marlene Steinberg <Pippy@erols.com>
pagonz0@pop.uky.edu (Pat Gonzales)
Eric NRTJ Roberts <prairiedog@sympatico.ca>
pam <ptplists@nospammindspring.com>
Pyrephox18 <pyrephox18@aol.com>
Rachael <rachael@top.net>
Red <Red@oscars.demon.co.uk>
Kathy <rfrank@aol.com> (RFRANK)
Ruth <rufie710@rcn.com>
SamPiper <sampiper@aol.combc>
Anna <santo.mantua@sympatico.ca>
Sean Carroll <sean@phoenixat.com>
spookystoy@aol.com (SpookysToy)
T Block <tblock@voyager.net>
TNW7 <tnw7@aol.com>
Unbound I <unboundi@aol.com>
verlindah@aol.com (VerlindaH)
Leigh Anne Vrabel <vrabel5634@mail.cc.duq.edu>
Jane <vze2jf77@mail.verizon.net>
Sarabelle <vze3w625@verizon.net>
deb...or whatever <whatever@means.net>
Lars B <whomever@bigfoot.com>
Fox's Vixen <wwishart@mail.syd.auracom.com>

[A] --- x ---
[Mike] Mike Quigley <a02632@giant.mindlink.net>

Keeper of the X-Files Corner, which also hosts Pat's X-Files FAQ, of course.
[adhokk7@aol.com] Adhokk7 <adhokk7@aol.com>

Also known as adhokk7 <caryrain@aol.com.mbc>

Go buy his book. No, not later. Now. I command you.

NRMTPB- Tyrant
-ad, Al's idol (I read it in atxf!)
-ad, hates noromos
-ad, thinks Skinner's a total crybaby pus now
-ad, no sense of proportion
-ad, <shrugs>
-ad, staying cool
-ad, right
[Hank] Hank <ahsv@ix.netcom.com>

Also known as Hank <ahsv@garbagephilipkdick.com>

Take a look at Hank's The Micro-Mini Condensed Pocket-Sized X-File FAQ and Who's Who in ATXF
[Archie] Archie <archcub@bu.edu>

[Beagle] Beagle <astrea@sprint.ca>

W.A.S.T.E. and I.R.K.S.O.M.E. Scientist.

The ng has gone to hell since Beagle stopped posting.

Last seen on atxf (brief visit) on 17 Mar 1998 16:14:00 -0400
[Autumn] autumnt@aol.com (Autumn T)

Pretty damn good reviewer, who also knows everything. She just does.

Here is Autumn's Reviews archive.
[B] --- x ---
[bas] Ben Shimmin <bas@cybernexus.demon.co.uk>

Ben's Home Page has moved.
[bastblack] Bast Black <bastblack@aol.comusa>
[Brie] Brie <bboutin@Stanford.EDU>

[Brian] ~Brian~ <bbrassine@carolina.rr.nospam>
[Brian M] Brian Manning <bcm_308@yahoo.com>
[Lynn] Lynn Ditto <beckncall@email.com>
[BethLynn] BethLynn <bethlynn@aol.com>
[Binah] Binah <binah@pdq.net>
[Bonnie] Bonnie <bjm1352@aol.com>
[Brian S] Brian Shea <bshea@mybluelight.com>
[Barbara] Barbara Ruef <bjruef@unix.tamu.edu>

A newbie's best friend, and probably the most prolific phile out there. The Energizer bunny doesn't have a chance next to Barbara.

The X-Files Mytharc and Newsgroup Information Resource is a starting point to a wealth of information and intelligent humor.
[C] --- x ---
[Stacey] Stacey <Carterconn@aol.com>

The truth is at The Carter Connection

From: carterconn@aol.comxxxxxxxx (Carterconn)
Newsgroups: alt.tv.x-files
Subject: The Carter Connection
NNTP-Posting-Host: ladder03.news.aol.com
X-Admin: news@aol.com
Date: 18 Dec 1998 05:31:55 GMT
Organization: AOL http://www.aol.com
Message-ID: <19981218003155.04088.00000497@ng109.aol.com>

For anyone who doesnt know, Stacey, the runner of the Carter Connection, my mother passed away on 12/17/98 at 10 25 AM. I dont know too much about news groups or the Xfiles, i just know that my mother loved it, I guess you could say it was her passion, and I just want to let all her friends know that I appreciate all of her friends and fellow xfile lovers. she will be greatly missed.

Stacey is sorely missed.
[Cathy] CatharinaK@aol.com (Cathy)
[Kimba] kimba <catinacanoe@rogers.com>
[Cindy] Cindy <cindyju@mail.utexas.edu>

Here's Cindy's X-Files Page
[coz] Chris 'Coz' Costello <coz@enteract.com>

"Pain in the a$$, my ass!" Coz maintains his Signal to Noise Guide to The X-Files and the Beginner's Guide to ALT.TV.X-FILES ACRONYMS AND INSIDE JOKES.
[buffy] buffy <davidleoni@aol.com> (was: buffy <stubturn@acs.eku.edu>)
[D] --- x ---
[Osu] Osu <dawn@sgarden.demon.co.uk>
[Teddi] Teddi Litman <daybreaq@ix.netcom.com>
[drscully] drscully@mindspring.com (Cynthia Schmidt)

GAWS admin; the official Gillian Anderson web site.

Even better, this started as a fan site, then became official. Pretty cool.
[E] --- x ---
[Eliana] Mopsee~~ <elianaka@my-deja.com>
[Eileen] et_fan <et_fan@erasehotmail.com>

"A very very cool lady"
[F] --- x ---
[Blaine, Physics Boy] W. Blaine Dowler <fiziko@bureau42.com>


The artist formerly known as Physics Boy <wdowler@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca>
[G] --- x ---
[Heidi] GeoRed <geored@aol.com>
[XXXXXXXXXXgizzieXXXXXXXXXX] gizzie@ix.netcom.com (Coleen Sullivan-Baier)

The one and only. uh...also known as XXXXgizzieXXXX <xxgizziexx@attbi.com>

Picture: "wearing cool X-Files hat, drooling, and losing her marbles."
(That's the only one we have on record.)

And here's one of her poems:

        Ruffinelli, he's my man
        Kicks the trolls ass,
        Feeds 'em SPAM
        Doesn't need a Speedo red
        stops 'em cold
        plays with their heads

When you are done here, go see the COG Home Page.
[Paula Graves] GravesPA2 <gravespa2@aol.com>

Very scary site.
[Michael] Michael Gosselin <gosselin@fas.harvard.edu>
[H] --- x ---
[Adora] Adora <heather@ctaz.nospamcom>

Has no problem with Al.
[Alisoun] Alisoun <herbtieh@usa.net>

GABAL grrrrl, has a page at http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Bookstore/7840/ and we're somewhere in there.
[Heather] HeatherLyn <hlscotland@msn.com>
[I] --- x ---
[Circe] Circe <iamcirce@cox.net> (was: Circe <circex@mindspring.com>)

Used to be disgusted, now tries to be amused.
[Trish] Trish Leon <intikilla@aol.com>

Also known as Intikilla <intikilla@aol.com.hello>
[Theresa] Theresa L. Griffin <invisimirror@remove.this.worldnet.att.net>
[J] --- x ---
[Jose] Jose Bermudez <jbermude@staff.uiuc.edu>

"Si Se Puede!"
[Jen] "Jen" <jenniferm@ucr.campus.mci.net>

Also known as "Jen (is not a potato)" <jennasrin@earthlink.net>

Procrastination with Jen
[jerry] jerry <jerrynospamcanary@worldnet.att.net>
[Jewlz!] Jewlz! <jewlz@vnet.net>
[Nancy] Sister Nancy <jncotton@mindspring.com> (Nancy & Jim Cotton)

OBSSE Reverend Mother.
[Nick] "Nick Pedicini" <jnybny@postoffice.ptd.net>

NJP used to have scribblings online, specially Scribbling on ATXF, Newbies and Other Phile Stuff, but they disappeared.
[Tamarisk] Tamarisk <jtl5610@e-mail.dk>
[julianna] julsb@aol.com (Julsb)
[K] --- x ---
[K C] "Kathryn and Chad" <kbillin@cyberstate.infi.net>
[KG] KGlover602 <kglover602@aol.com>
[Kipler] Kipler <kipler@aol.com>
[KatieMoo] "KatieMoo" <klongo@uclink.berkeley.edu>

Formerly/also known as Marita1121 (marita1121@aol.comkatie) and Katie-hates-aol (marita1121@aol.comraaarrrr)

I don't know...this girl is a little too charming, you know? Levels like this just don't appear in nature. And that's too bad.
[L] --- x ---
[Konrad] Konrad Douglas Frye <NOkfryeSPaM@escape.ca>
[Laura] laura capozzola <lauracap@erols.com>

Fascinated by All Things Chris Carter.
[lynx] lynx mulderite <lynx46@erols.com>

Also known as lynx46 <lynx46@rcn.com>

High Priestess of the Mulder Maidens.
[M] --- x ---
[Connie] Connie Ogle (mako1@infi.net)
[Akakan] Akakan <marketp@ziplink.net>
[Meg] Meg <megadee@mindspring.com> (That Megadee Chick)

I guess even a ratboy deserves some affection. I found that out at The Lair of the Rat. It's a good thing Meg takes care of that, because rats get no affection from me.
[Michele] Michele Jackson <mjackson4@earthlink.net>

Also known as Michele Jackson <michelejackson@prodigy.net>
[Mike] Michael Walsh <mp1walsh@adelphia.net>
[Sarah] munchkyn@munchkyn.com

Pretty damn good reviewer.

Season 1 reviews... Season 2 reviews... Season 3 reviews... Season 4 reviews... Season 6 reviews.
[Martha] Martha <mwlittle@mindspring.com>

"Specializing in lost causes: Frohike & John Shiban"

Key Holder of the FRINGE Room.
[myrke] Merna/Michael Anderson <myrke@ix.netcom.com>

Myrke's Tips are required reading at atxf.
[N] --- x ---
[NBlack1] Nancy Black <NBlack1@prodigy.net>

(yet another atxf Nancy)
[O] --- x ---
[obsidian] obsidian@mc.net
[P] --- x ---
[Pat] pagonz0@pop.uky.edu (Pat Gonzales)

alt.tv.x-files FAQ maintainer.
[Marlene] Marlene Steinberg <Pippy@erols.com>
[Eric] Eric "No relation To Julia" Roberts


Eric NRTJ Roberts <prairiedog@sympatico.ca>
[Pam] pam <ptplists@nospammindspring.com>

Didn't bring Pringles.
[pyrephox18@aol.com] Pyrephox18 <pyrephox18@aol.com>
[Q] --- x ---
[R] --- x ---
[Rachael] Rachael <rachael@top.net>
[Red] Red <Red@oscars.demon.co.uk>
[Kathy] Kathy <rfrank@aol.com> (RFRANK)
[Rufie] Ruth <rufie710@rcn.com>
[S] --- x ---
[Sam] SamPiper <sampiper@aol.combc>

Got lost on the way to the "finale" party. Geez. But then she hosted another one, so it kinda balances out.
[Anna] Anna <santo.mantua@sympatico.ca>

[Sean] Sean Carroll <sean@phoenixat.com>

Scully's #1 fan. Seemed like a smart guy, until he claimed Mulder is not essential to the XF.
[Shann] shannon@scienceregistry.com
[spookycc] spookycc@earthlink.net
[Spookys] spookystoy@aol.com (SpookysToy)
[T] --- x ---
[T Block] T Block <tblock@voyager.net>

Also known as T Block <tblock8590@softhome.net>

[TNW7] TNW7 <tnw7@aol.com>
[U] --- x ---
[Unbound I] Unbound I <unboundi@aol.com>
[V] --- x ---
[VerlindaH] verlindah@aol.com (VerlindaH)
[Leigh] Leigh Anne Vrabel <vrabel5634@mail.cc.duq.edu>
[W] --- x ---
[Jane] Jane <vze2jf77@mail.verizon.net>
[Sarabelle] Sarabelle <vze3w625@verizon.net>
[deb...] deb...or whatever <whatever@means.net>

If you are brave enough, check out the only official GABAL web site.
[Lars] Lars B <whomever@bigfoot.com>
[Fox's Vixen] Fox's Vixen <wwishart@mail.syd.auracom.com>

"one of Lynx's Mulder Maidens (Holder of the Sacred Ova)"

"I've never backed down from an ng argument, not even once, not even when I've been indisputably wrong. :)"
[X] --- x ---
[Y] --- x ---
[Z] --- x ---
  --- x ---
And then, there's this guy...
[10' screen] mox.fulder@fib.gob <alvaro@accesscom.com>

Watching the XF movie on a 10 ft. screen.

"What the hell does that mean?"

ALPP Another Laura Penis Post
COG Cult of Gizzie
CotHP Church of the Holy Partnership
DDEB David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade
FEB Fellowship of Elitist Bastards
FFP [Harrison] Ford Focused Philes
FLO Frohike Liberation Organization
GABAL Gillian Anderson Born Again Lesbians
GANTA Gillian Anderson NeuroTransmitter Association
GATB Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade
ggg Guerilla Grammar Girls
IRKSOME Infobahn Road Kill: Study, Observation, Modification, and Extermination
jFFP [Jodie] Foster Focused Philes
MBC Marine Biologist Conspiracy
MM Mulder Maidens
MPEB Mitch Pileggi Estrogen Brigade
MPPB Mitch Pileggi Pheromone Brigade
NRMTPB Noromo Torch and Pitchfork Brigade
OBSSE Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic
PAST Philes Against Scully Torture
SoS Society of Spender
SYX Smart Young X-Philes
WNS We're Not Spoilerwhores
WUDEC Wildly Unofficial Decorating and Entertainment Comittee
XFU X-Files University
XFW X-Files Whore(s)

Submit another acronym, meaning, and link

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This is not really a Who's Who, because it was never meant to be a complete list. I've spent a lot of time on atxf since 1995. Some of these people have moved on, but they are still an important part of "the group," as far as I'm concerned. Some are "regulars," others are not.

I will use pictures, URLs and text if they are already available on the net and I'm aware of them, or if people send them to me.

I will also remove entries by request, of course, or if someone gets in my black list. Note, however, that not all omissions are intentional. I do make a couple of mistakes every millennium.

Corrections? Comments? speak up

Isn't this supposed to be in alphabetical order? It is. It is sorted by e-mail address.

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