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From: Cindy <>
Subject: Ode to ATXF part (Folie à) Deux
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 20:16:13 -0500
Message-ID: <>
Ode to ATXF part (Folie à) Deux by me

What did Scully say in that episode with the bug?
Was the finale CC's way of pulling XF's plug?
What's a Moulder?  A Spudner?  A PEEP?
Did you know that "Chinga" means BLEEP?
Where do you find the titles of the shows?
Did you see Mulder's ring?  What's it mean?  Who here knows?
Who are Spotsy, Shipper Boy, and Shibes?
Do you think that Scully gives Mulder good vibes?
Is Cigarette Smoking Man Agent Spender's dad?
Why did M (and sometimes S) tape an X in M's bachelor pad?
What's FTF?  When's the movie coming out?
Who started the XF fire?  (AD Skinner, no doubt!)

Now, read before you post and you might see
That some people will treat you more courteously! :-)

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