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- Why? -
Why Stacey out of all the people on alt.tv.x-files?

- Stacey's Original Carter Connection site -
Original - the Geocities part of it works for now, but the AOL doesn't.
Al Ruffinelli - Mirrored site
FEB - Mirrored site

- Tributes -
Emile St. Claire - Aliens Ate My Corn Nuts
What's in a name? - Stacey - Carterconn Memorial Site
Stacey-Carterconn Memorial Site - you are here.
-- Banner-free mirror donated by Al Ruffinelli.

- Stacey's Big Wheel O' Replies -
bas' - the CGI script version
Katie - the java script version
Stacey's Original post - named by bill k.

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