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- why Stacey out of all the people on alt.tv.x-files? -

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Because she was very vibrant, and alive. Too alive to be gone. She was irreverent, charming, sweet, funny, and full of wit and humanity.

She left two children, six and thirteen, and hopefully, someday... when they miss their Mom, they can come here, or any other Stacey Memorial site, and visit her again. There's nothing any of us can do to bring her back, but here they can see her over again. Relive the grand moments, and take some small comfort in knowing that it wasn't just the biological family that loved Stacey; it was her alt.tv.x-files family, and many people all over the world, too.

Archived in here, are some of the reasons that we loved her. As you look through here, remember that Stacey wanted privacy for herself and family. Namely, her children, so don't come whining to me about the editing, or that not all of her posts are here. She chose to delete and 'X'-no-archive some of her stuff from Deja News. I have this thing about not using things without permission, and since I haven't heard back from her family about how they feel about this, I will just include the things that were part of the public archive and in the public domain.

deb... or whatever.
december 24th, 1998

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You never know who is listening, and you never know who you've touched or in what way. It's never too late to show kindness, or to reach out and tell someone how much you appreciate them.

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