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- 45 - (356140832) The Big Wheel O' Replies
This is what started it all. Named by bill k., it became yet another atxf inside joke. For further Big Wheel fun, see the links page for the actual Wheel java and CGI scripts. Enjoy!

- 53 - DELETED

- 67- (416573505) Chris Owens
Chris was generous enough to toast Stacey and her memory at Xeminar, the Writers Workshop held in Feb 99 in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Thank you, Chris!

-72- (422776275) Stacey's Last Post
Her last post to alt.tv.x-files.

-73- (423515891) The bad news
By now, maybe you've gotten a sense for what Stacey was like. When you saw a post that read carterconn@aol.com you just knew it was going to be funny, witty, charming, or awe-inspiring with it's wisdom or message. Imagine opening this one, posted by her son, to receive the shock that echoed around the X-Phile Internet Community.

-74- (423940819) Thank you from Stacey's Family
As far as I know, this was the last public message given by her family, or on her behalf from this account. This is the original message that talks about the LifePath Hospice Foundation.

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Stacey: July 1967 - December 1998
People come and go on alt.tv.x-files, but we've never really had a death like this that touched so many people, so deeply, and for so long. In many ways, some of us still have a hard time with it. As you read through this site, keep in mind that she left 2 children behind - ages 6 and 13 - at the time of her ... departure. Years will come and go, and they will no longer be that young, but they'll always be without their Mother. Please, if this has touched you in any way, consider contributing to The LifePath Hospice Foundation under Stacey's name.

      LifePath Hospice Foundation
      3010 West Azeele Street
      Tampa, FL 33609-3130

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