[The Machine]

[The Machine]

Ellie: Occam's Razor, the basic scientific principle. And it says... all things being equal, the simplest explanation tends to be the right one.
Palmer: Makes sense to me.
Ellie: So what's more likely--thank you.
Palmer: You're welcome.
Ellie: ...that an all-powerful mysterious god created the universe and then decided not to give any proof of its existence, or that it simply doesn't exist at all, and that we created him so that we wouldn't have to feel so small and alone?
Palmer: I don't know. I couldn't imagine living in a world where God didn't exist. I wouldn't want to.
Ellie: How do you know you're not deluding yourself. I mean, for me... I need proof.
Palmer: Proof. Did you love your father?
Ellie: What?
Palmer: Your dad, did you love him?
Ellie: Yes, very much.
Palmer: Prove it.

Palmer: By doing this, you're willing to give your life, you're willing to die for it. Why?
Ellie: For as long as I can remember, I've been searching for something, some reason why we're here. What are we doing here? Who are we? If this is a chance to find out even just a little part of that answer... I don't know, I think it's worth a human life. Don't you?

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