The Opening Scene by the Numbers:
Frames                         4,710
Seconds                          196.26
Minutes                            3.271
CPU Hours                    117,384.16
Disk Space                       184.3 Gb
100% CG Frames                 4,205
Pixels                13,396,973,280
Feet of film                     320.2
Film recorder time                16 hours
People on shot                    19.5
RenderMan shaders                 55+
Lines of shader code          15,372
Total Particles            6,542,233 (we think)
Layers in composite               98
# times we crashed the servers    25 (at least)
Processors used at once          128
Shortest frame time               12 seconds
Longest frame time                18.4 hours
--from the Special Edition

[Look closer]
Jena does not have blue eyes, of course. She has brown eyes. They tried blue contacts (no pun intended), but they looked too blue, so they colored her eyes digitally. The eye (before she blinks) is also a 3D computer model, and the reflection includes a shot of the Machine (without the rings).

[TV monitors]
See that video on the big monitor? See its reflection on the floor? They were added digitally later.

[big dish]
See that big dish in the background? Nope, it's not real. It was added digitally.

[Palmer with Larry]
You guessed it, that interview with Larry King and the reflections on the TV screen were added digitally later.

[The sky, too?]
See that sky? It's not real. It was painted and added digitally. Is there anything these guys can't do?

[the quadruple star system] [pattern]
The quadruple star pattern is just about everywhere. Look at the poster on Ellie's wall in Arecibo and then the VLA. The painting is by Jon Lomberg, who did some amazing work for Cosmos, the Voyager Record, and more (including Contact's cover).

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