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[The Journey]

[Hadden, Again]

Hadden: Doctor, how kind of you to call.

Ellie: Mr. Hadden, where are you?

Hadden: The Russian government was kind enough to give me accommodations on MIR.

Ellie: You're living on a space station?

Hadden: It's quite simple, really. The low-oxygen, zero-gravity environment is the only thing keeping the cancer from eating me alive. Actually, I quite like it up here. My little room has one hell of a view. I wanna show you something. Hokkaido island.

Ellie: The systems integration site.

Hadden: Look closer. First rule in government spending: why build one when you can have two, twice the price. Only, this one can be kept secret. Controlled by Americans, built by the Japanese subcontractors, who also happen to be recently acquired, wholly owned, subsidiaries...

Ellie: ...of Hadden Industries.

Hadden: They still want an American to go, doctor. Wanna take a ride?

[The Second Machine]

Ellie: I'm gonna travel 26 light years to commit suicide?

Dr: Something may go wrong. There may be an unforeseen mechanical failure. You could be marooned, unable to return. There are a thousand reasons we can think of for you to have this with you, but mostly it's for the reasons we can't think of.

[In the Pod]

[Ready to Go]


[Intense Trip]


[Celestial Event]

the beach Ellie: Why did you contact us?

Ted: You contacted us. We were just listening.

Ellie: Then there are others?

Ted: Many others.

Ellie: They all travel here through that transit system that you built?

Ted: We didn't build it. We don't know who did. No, they were gone long before we ever got here. Maybe some day they'll come back.

Ellie: All these other civilizations you find, they come here?

Ted: Not all.

Ellie: Is this some test?

Ted: No, no tests. You have your mother's hands. You're an interesting species. An interesting mix. You are capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone. Only you're not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we found that makes the emptiness bearable is each other.

Ellie: What happens now?

Ted: Now you go home.

Ellie: Home? But... I have so many questions. Do we get to come back?

Ted: This was just a first step. In time, you'll take another.

Ellie: But other people need to see what I've seen, they need to see...

Ted: This is the way it's been done for billions of years. Small moves, Ellie. Small moves.

[Ellie and Ted]

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