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[Season 1]

[first meeting]
'So, who did you tick off to get stuck with this detail, Scully?' --Mulder. The X-Files (pilot)

The X-Files pilot does everything right. It takes us to that first meeting between Scully and Blevins when she is assigned to the X-Files in the silent presence of Cancer Man. We are also there for the priceless first meeting between Mulder and Scully, where their antagonistic relationship is founded--as well as their mutual trust. There are nose bleeds, alien implants, missing time, abductions, flashlights, running in the woods at night, shadowy government agents cataloging the only piece of evidence left in the basement of the Pentagon, an alien-looking corpse, "Cut the crap, Mulder" Scully and "Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrials?" Mulder, the Infamous Mosquito Bite Scene... what more could you ask for?

[Deep Throat]
'Mr. Mulder, they have been here for a very, very long time.' --Deep Throat

Mulder: Tell me I'm crazy.
Scully: You're crazy.

Deep Throat
The second episode introduces one of the more important recurring characters, who also names the episode itself: Deep Throat. Deep Throat was a member of the secret international consortium, but he apparently had moral reservations about it. He confesses his crimes to Mulder in E.B.E.

In Squeeze, we see that Scully does not buy into Mulder's theories, but she respects him ("Mulder's ideas may be a bit out there, but he is a great agent"). Their colleagues seem interested only in their own resumes and promotions, but Mulder couldn't care less about all that. He does not mind working in the FBI's basement, as long as his superiors leave him alone to continue his personal quest. Although he is intellectually superior to many of his peers, Mulder does not have an ego problem; he is quick to tell Scully "you were right" when she catches Tooms.

'Keep it up, Mulder, and I'll hurt you like that Beast Woman did.' --Scully. The Jersey Devil
Scully's father dies in Beyond the Sea. We also meet her mother, who will become another important recurring character. We will not see either of Scully's brothers until the end of the 4th season, when Bill Scully, Jr., appears in Gethsemane. Although... we do see them as kids in episodes like One Breath. Bill Jr. had a scene with Scully at the hospital in Memento Mori, but it was cut because the episode was too long. This scene was shown in Inside the X-Files.

Byers: Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of the Russian Social Democrats, is being put into power by the most heinous and evil force in the twentieth century.
Mulder: Barney?


E.B.E. introduces Mulder's most important allies (besides Scully), the Lone Gunman trio: Frohike, Langly and Byers. We learn about how they met in 5th season's Unusual Suspects. Like Mulder later says, "don't let their looks fool you." The Gunmen are computer nerds, but they are very proficient computer nerds. Their technical expertise has helped Mulder and Scully many times. Frohike is the more sentimental of them. He visits Scully at the hospital in One Breath, and visits her again when Mulder is presumed dead in The Blessing Way.

'On X-Files cases investigated by agent Mulder and myself to date, we have a conviction or case solution of 75%. That's well above the current bureau standard.' --Scully

Skinner: Do you believe them?
Cancer Man: Of course I do.


Tooms foreshadows the first season finale. Mulder already suspects the X-Files are going to be closed down. This is Skinner's first episode, and it's also the first episode where Cancer Man actually says something.
The first season ends with a bang: In The Erlenmeyer Flask, we meet the green-blooded alien hybrids. Mulder is exposed to the toxic fumes and Scully has to rescue him. With the help of Deep Throat, Skeptic!Scully retrieves what looks like an alien embryo, to exchange for Mulder's life. During the exchange, Deep Throat is killed by Cut Crew Man. Finally, Skinner's superiors force him to close the X-Files.

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