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NOTE: Actors' names are linked to the Internet Movie Database. If those links don't work, don't panic. Maybe I got the names spelled wrong (hardly), or they just don't have an entry in the database (more likely).

[Dr. Barnes] [Duane Barry] [Luther Lee Boggs] [Clyde Bruckman] [Dr. Charles Burks] [Jose Chung] [Marita Covarrubias] [Arthur Dales] [Dr. Ian Detweiler] [Ed] [Max Fenig] [Joanne Fletcher] [Morris Fletcher] [Flukeman] [Sheila Fontaine] [Marty Glenn] [Betsy Hagopian] [Sally Kendrick [Eve]] [Michael Kritschgau] [Lily] [Father McCue] [Dr. Solomon Merkmallen] [Susanne Modeski] [Detective Munch] [Penny Northern] [Phillip Padgett] [Robert Patrick [Pusher]] [Mr. Potato Head] [Gibson Praise] [Queequeg] [Dr. Sandoz] [Sharon Skinner] [Jeremiah Smith] [Tooms] [The Stupenduous Yappi] [...and more]
[Barnes] Dr. Barnes
(Michael Ensign)

Appears in Biogenesis and The Sixth Extinction.

[Duane Barry] Duane Barry
(Steve Railsback)

Ex-FBI agent who believes he has been abducted by aliens. Hoping to avoid further abductions, he kidnaps Scully to offer her instead.

Appears in Duane Barry and Ascension.

[Boggs] Luther Lee Boggs
(Brad Dourif)
Appears in Beyond the Sea.
[Clyde Bruckman] Clyde Bruckman
(Peter Boyle)

Appears in Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose.

[Chuck] Dr. Charles Burks
(Bill Dow)
Appears in

The Calusari
Hollywood A.D.

Bill Dow has played other roles on the XF.

[Jose Chung] Jose Chung
(Charles Nelson Reilly)

Writer. Appears in Jose Chung's "From Outer Space".

[Marita Covarrubias] Marita Covarrubias
(Laurie Holden)

Mulder's latest informant. Works for the Special Representative to the Secretary General at the United Nations. (She introduces herself as the SR's assistant in Herrenvolk.) Revealed as one of Cancer Man's agents in Zero Sum. But then again, she could be also working against him, like X.

She is infected with the "black cancer" in Patient X, and goes into a coma. She shows up again, conscious but in a bad shape, in One Son. She's back to normal in Requiem, where she takes Krycek out of a Tunisian prison.

Appears in

Zero Sum
Patient X
The Red and the Black
One Son

[Arthur Dales] Agent Arthur Dales
(Darren McGavin)

Retired FBI agent, who has a history with Bill Mulder at the DoD.

Appears in Travelers and Agua Mala. His brother, also named Arthur Dales, appears in The Unnatural.

[Detweiler] Dr. Ian Detweiler
(Andrew J. Robinson)
Appears in Alpha.
[Ed] Ed
(Edward Asner)
Appears in How the Ghosts Stole Christmas.
[Max] Max Fenig
(Scott Bellis)

UFO buff, member of NICAP, abducted in Fallen Angel. Comes back in Tempus Fugit!

He uses the name Paul Gidney on flight 549 [Tempus Fugit].

[Joanne Fletcher] Joanne Fletcher
(Nora Dunn)

Morris' wife. Appears in Dreamland.
[Morris Fletcher] Morris Fletcher
(Michael McKean)

Appears in Dreamland and Three of a Kind.
[Flukeman] Flukeman
(Darin Morgan)
Appears in The Host.
[Sheila Fontaine] Sheila Fontaine
(Victoria Jackson)
Appears in Rain King.
[Marty Glenn] Marty Glenn
(Lili Taylor)
Appears in Mind's Eye.
Betsy Hagopian

One of the 11 MUFON women, the first one to die. Betsy is mentioned, but never shown.

[Ed] Sally Kendrik [Eve 6, 7, 8]
(Harriet Harris)
Appears in Eve.
[Michael Kritschgau] Michael Kritschgau
(John Finn)

DoD agent who tries to convince Mulder and Scully that they been fed lies all along. He helps Mulder to find a cure for Scully's cancer, hoping he will also find a cure for his son's terminal disease, contracted in the Gulf War. His son dies in Redux II. Krycek kills Kritschgau in Amor Fati.

Appears in

Redux II
Sixth Extinction
Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati

[Lily] Lily
(Lily Tomlin)
Appears in How the Ghosts Stole Christmas.
[Father McCue] Father McCue
(Arnie Walters)

Appears in

Redux II
All Souls

[Dr. Solomon Merkmallen] Dr. Solomon Merkmallen
(Michael Chinyamurindi)

Appears in Biogenesis.
[Susanne Modeski] Susanne Modeski
(Signy Coleman)

Appears in Unusual Suspects and Three of a Kind.
[Munch] Detective Munch
(Richard Belzer)
Appears in Unusual Suspects.
[Penny] Penny Northern
(Gillian Barber)

One of the 11 women subjected to secret tests that caused cancer and eventual death.

Appears in Nisei and Memento Mori.

[Padgett] Phillip Padgett
(John Hawkes)
Appears in Milagro.
[Pusher] Robert Patrick (Pusher)
(Robert Wisden)
Appears in Pusher and Kitsunegari.
[Mr. Potato Head] Mr. Potato Head
Alien who briefly invades Mulder's body.
[Gibson Praise] Gibson Praise
(Jeff Gulka)

12 year-old who can read minds. Captured by the Syndicate [The End], and used to find the alien in The Beginning. He's probably going to be in his late 80s by the time he shows up again.

Appears in

The End
The Beginning

[Queequeg] Queequeg

Scully's dog (a gift from Clyde Bruckman; eaten alive in Quagmire --the dog, not Clyde!). So what does 'Queequeg' mean? Read Moby Dick.

Here's the Queequeg Memorial Small Yappy Dog Rest Home and Bait Shop.

[Sandoz] Dr. Sandoz
(Murray Rubinstein)

Appears in Biogenesis.
[Sharon Skinner] Sharon Skinner
(Jennifer Hetrick)

Skinner's wife. (They are separated; Walter Skinner never signed the divorce papers). Appears in Avatar.
[Jeremiah Smith] Jeremiah Smith
(Roy Thinnes)

Alien rebel. Appears in:

Talitha Cumi
[Cassandra Spender] Cassandra Spender
(Veronica Cartwright)

Jeffrey Spender's mother and Cancer Man's ex-wife. Abducted in The Red and the Black, she is returned in Two Fathers. First successful human/alien hybrid.

Appears in

Patient X
The Red and the Black
Two Fathers
One Son

[Tooms] Eugene Victor Tooms
(Doug Hutchison)

Mutant. Appears in Squeeze and Tooms.

[Yappi] The Stupendous Yappi
(Jaap Broeker)

Appears in

Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
Jose Chung's "From Outer Space"

Other characters

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