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Date: Starting with Stacey's first post to alt.tv.x-files, and ending with the last ones.
The order is: link - date - post subject - category.

Post Subject: The subject header. It usually has an Re: in front of it when replying to someone else's post. The Re: part is removed at the beginning so it could be easier to find them. Listed in alphabetical order. When more than one post has the same subject, it's sorted chronologically, from first to last.
The order is: link - post subject - date - category.

Category: Here's the toughie - there are 17 different categories with 3 having one post in them. The rest have been sorted alphabetically by their first letter. So, Big Wheel o' Replies is first with X-Files at the bottom.
The order is: link - category - date - post subject.

formatting note: Instead of having the cluttered and obvious list across the top of every single section, the order of the table sections are at the top of the page.

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