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[Fox Mulder] [Mrs. Mulder] [Bill Mulder] [Samantha Mulder (child)] [Samantha Mulder (adult)]
[Mulder] Fox William Mulder (David Duchovny)
Special Agent, FBI

DOB: October 13, 1961, Chilmark, MA.
Mother: Mrs. Mulder
Father: William Mulder
Sister: Samantha Mulder

A.B. in Psychology from Oxford, 1982
Quantico FBI Training Academy, 1984

Nicknamed 'Spooky' at the Academy because of his unconventional theories. However, his eccentric theories are generally tolerated because he is a brilliant criminologist.

"You're in the basement because they're afraid of you... of your relentlessness, and because they know they could drop you in the middle of the desert and tell you the truth is out there, and you'd ask them for a shovel."

[Mrs. Mulder] Mrs. Mulder
(Rebecca Toolan)

Mulder's mother. She knows more than she'd like to remember. She kills herself in Closure, just before telling "the truth" to her son about his sister's disappearance.

Appears in

The Blessing Way
Paper Clip
Paper Hearts
[Bill Mulder] Bill Mulder
(Peter Donat)

Mulder's father. He worked with Cancer Man for the Defense Department, and according to him [CM], he [Bill] was a proponent of, and authorized, "the project." Krycek kills him in Anasazi, just when he's about to explain everything to his son.

Appears in

End Game
The Blessing Way
One Son

[Samantha Mulder] Samantha Mulder
(Vanessa Morley)

DOB: January 22, 1964, Chilmark, MA.
Disappeared: November 27, 1973.

Mulder's sister. Her disappearance at age 8 effectively destroyed the family, and has fueled much of Mulder's search for "the truth"--the truth about her disappearance, his father's work, what the government knows about extraterrestrials, and so on. In Paper Clip, Mulder learns that she was taken away to guarantee his father's silence about "the project." Then, in the movie, WMM tells Mulder a different story.

In Closure, we are asked to believe that Samantha died at age 14 and was taken by "walk-ins"--some kind of good spirits.

Appears in

Little Green Men
Paper Hearts

...and she is mentioned in many other episodes. We see a picture of a younger Samantha in Conduit. Mulder has "visions" (and a picture) of a younger Samantha in Miracle Man. He also finds clones of her in Herrenvolk. We see pictures of her in Little Green Men, Redux II, and others.

['Samantha Mulder'] 'Samantha Mulder'
(Megan Leitch)

Alien hybrid who pretended to be Mulder's sister to gain his protection. Killed by the Pilot in End Game.

In Redux II, Cancer Man arranges a meeting between Mulder and an adult Samantha. It's likely this one is "the real thing" but there are no guarantees. She also says Cancer Man has told her he's her father, and that she has children of her own. Whether he's her real father or not, that's the role he has been playing for the past few years.

According to Cassandra Spender, that was not the real Samantha. Cassandra believed Samantha was still out there, with the aliens.

Appears in

End Game
Redux II
Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati

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