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This is my humble reference guide to the X-Files. This guide is supposed to be useful to those who are new to the show (if they still exist), and to those who have seen every episode since the pilot.

What does "101" mean? That means this is an introductory guide. If you are looking for the answers to all questions about The X-Files, you made a wrong turn, somewhere.

This guide was born in 1996. Version 1.2 was posted to Usenet in July of 1996, and I do not have older records. This guide is NOT related to x-files101.com, a domain registered by Emily Hinnekens on 07-Jul-98, according to Network Solutions.

I have no connections to Ten Thirteen or Twentieth Century Fox, who produce and own The X-Files. Here is the disclaimer and the legal notice:

Disclaimer and Legal Notice

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So, don't sue.

The plain text version can be found here:


The text version is about 200 KB in size, and it is NOT just an ASCII dump of the HTML version. The plain text version is revised only for the major versions (X, 9.0, 8.0, etc), so the HTML version is far more up to date.

The HTML version looks best with Netscape 3 (although no specific browser is required), and is cross-referenced with more than 3,500 links.

Sure, I'd like to add episode descriptions to the episode guide, but it's so much damn work. You try it.

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v11.0 (X.1) and beyond. At this point I do not know when the next major revision will be available. In the meantime, I continue to add and revise chapters...changing the version number requires a major change to this guide, so it's becoming less common.

There is much to be added to this guide. Episode credits for season 2 and above, episode descriptions, more information about the XF crew, transcripts, and so on. It's safe to say I'll be working on this guide long after the show is over.

What about seasons 8 and 9? I simply do not consider them part of the X-Files.

v10.0 (X), September 1999

v9.0, March 1999
v8.0, December 1998
v7.1, August 1998
v7.0, July 1998
v6.0, February 1998
v5.0, November 1997
v4.5, September 1997
v4.4, May 1997
v4.3, May 1997
v4.2, March 1997

v1.2, July 1996

These are just the major revisions. I'm constantly updating smaller details.

Awards (for previous versions of these pages)

[The Conspiracy: A Detailed Walkthrough for the X-Files Biggest Mysteries] (> 650 k) February 27, 1999.

[Top 5 Site by Suite 101] June 2, 1998.

[Recommended by Suite 101] November 18, 1997.

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