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[Season 5]

'Please tell me you're here with severe chest pains.' --Mulder. Redux II

The 5th season premiere is slow and difficult to digest, but the conclusion of the 3-part arc is much more satisfying. Cancer Man introduces Mulder to someone who could be his real sister, who believes Cancer Man is her father. This is not a happy family reunion, of course, as 'Samantha' is not eager to dig into the past. She only wants to move on with her life and children (she does not mention a husband). Mulder uncovers section chief Blevins as a spy, who is quickly killed. Scully's cancer goes into remission. Cancer Man is shot and presumed dead. Mulder's quest and faith are seriously shaken.

[fantasy dance]
Unusual Suspects is an entertaining and informative flashback to 1989, that shows the origins of the Lone Gunman and how they met a Scully-less Mulder.

Post-Modern Prometheus is another fun episode, presented in black and white as a homage to old monster movies, specially Frankenstein. There's a monster, a mad scientist, complete with a happy ending.

Things get serious soon, as we are back to the Big Conspiracy and the hybrid clones with Christmas Carol and Emily. Scully can't take a normal vacation. As soon as she goes home to spend Christmas with her family, she starts getting calls from her dead sister, urging her to protect a 3 year-old who turns out to be her daughter. Emily is a hybrid clone, who dies without the right treatment.

There is great hype about episodes written by Stephen King, William Gibson and Tom Maddox. However, Chinga is an average MOTW (with precious Mulder/Scully scenes, though), and Kill Switch is good, but not ground-breaking.
[Bad Blood]
Patient X and The Red and the Black reveal a bit more than the usual about the alien colonization plans and the "government" conspiracy to keep it secret, which is then confirmed in the X-Files movie. At The End of the season, though, Cancer Man burns Mulder's office, and the X-Files are closed.

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