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XF News is a fantastic source for current news, interviews, etc.

Between me and wherever, we do a pretty good job for you Philes who want to keep informed without spending hours reading the newsgroups, mailing lists and searching for articles. Please note that while this is the brainchild of wherever, I do my best to continue to list the news as I have done here in the past. I also try to keep up with MillenniuM news as well, not just XF.

It's for information only, not discussion. Although, if you come across current news, articles, ect. you may post as well.

There are a few choices on how to get your news. You may subscribe and have the news delivered to your email or you can view the news directly on the web.

If you would like to subscribe, send an empty message to The membership is anonymous (no one can know the names of the members, not even other members - members email addresses are kept private.)

If you wish to view the news on the web go to The archive is open to the public. That way if you want to find a particular article or see what's going on without actually subscribing, you can.


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