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Q and A

Disclaimer for The Clueless:
Serious questions get serious answers.
BS questions get BS answers.

Are the X-Files based on true stories?
Some of them, very vaguely. It's fiction. It's a TV drama. It's not a documentary.

Are Mulder and Scully ever going to have an intimate relationship?
Absolutely and positively NOT. Ever. It's not gonna happen. And if it happens, I'll deny it. Besides, their working relationship is far more interesting. UST is a zillion times more interesting than RST.

Do the producers accept unsolicited material (stories)?

Where do you get the episode titles from?
Newspapers, TV Guide, online ... they're everywhere (except on the show).

Is it Cancer Man or Cigarette Smoking Man?
'Cigarette Smoking Man' is the official name. Always has been. 'Cancer Man' is mostly used on the Internet, although Mulder, Scully and Skinner have used it as well. 'Cancer Man' is better. End of discussion.

Why doesn't Cancer Man just kill Mulder or have him killed?
The game is much more interesting and complicated than that.

Why does Mulder tape an 'X' on his window?
Check the Official "Why Does Mulder tape an X on the Window?" Home Page at http://www.turning-pages.com/xf/whyx.htm

Did Mulder's father shoot himself?
No, he fell in the shower.

Could Melissa be alive?
Don't be a bleephead.

Who is Melissa?
Check Who's Who.

Could Mulder and Scully be siblings?
Yeah, in your twisted mind.

Could Mulder be Cancer Man's son?
So it seems [The Sixth Extinction II]. Isn't that lame?

What's the big deal about 11:21 PM?
That's Chris Carter's wife's birthday (11/21).

What about 1013?
Ten Thirteen, CC's production company, his birthday, Mulder's birthday.

Was 'The Thinker' the fourth 'Lone Gunman'?
I'll get back to you on that.

Do you have pictures of Skully naked?
Get a bleeping life.

Where can I find another episode guide?
Get Cliff Chen's episode guide, look at the sites listed on the front page.

Take a look at the official site as well, www.thex-files.com

Isn't it spelled e-x-c-e-l-s-i-u-s?
Public opinion is divided on this. The "official" sources spell it excelsius, but the dictionary says that's not a word, while excelsis is. So that's that for now.

What does __________ mean?
Start with a dictionary. If it's not there, look for it on the XF sites listed on the front page, and with your favorite search engine. If it's not there, post the question to the newsgroup.

But I don't have time to look at all those sites!
That's your problem.

What's X2?
The X-Files in syndication. Old episodes are rerun on weekends. Check http://www.turning-pages.com/xf/xfs.htm for the local stations. These reruns are cut to make room for commercials.

What about the reruns on fX?
fX shows them *uncut*, 8 pm and 11 pm, Mon-Fri.

What's fX?
A cable channel.

Where can I get info on the official fan club?
Ask these guys:

The X-Files Official Fan Club
P.O. Box 344
MT. Morris, IL 61054

See the official site for international addresses.

Where can I get more information about the show?

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