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[Season 3]

[The Blessing Way]
'Nothing vanishes without a trace.' --Cancer Man. The Blessing Way

In The Blessing Way, Albert heals Mulder, who is "visited" by visions of Deep Throat and his father, urging him to continue his quest. Scully discovers the implant in her neck, a souvenir from her abduction. Her sister Melissa is shot by Luis Cardinal by mistake (he and Krycek were after Scully). Skinner calls in Cancer "I don't made deals" Man to negotiate Mulder's and Scully's safety. The episode ends with Scully and Skinner in Mulder's apartment, pointing a gun at each other, with "someone" at the door.

'I've heard the truth. Now what I want are the answers.' --Scully. Paperclip
[The Blessing Way]
In Paperclip, Mulder comes back, kisses Scully passionately (neah, just teasing a few of you...), and they find a secret archive of medical records buried inside a mountain. In that archive, they find medical records for Samantha and Scully. From his sister's records, Mulder learns he was going to be taken instead. Krycek beats Skinner up and steals the digital tape. Cancer Man tries to have Krycek killed, but fails. Melissa dies. Skinner threatens Cancer Man with exposing his secret files (an idle threat, but you gotta love that scene).

'There are hits and there are misses, and then there are misses.' --Scully. Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose

In Nisei, Scully finds 11 women who claim to know her from their abductions. Scully does not want to believe that, even when they show her the implants they all had extracted from their necks. They also tell Scully that all of them are dying from cancer. Both Mulder and Scully are told what they want to hear, but what about "the truth"?

'You know, I never thought I'd say this to you, Scully, but you smell bad.' --Mulder. War of the Coprophages

In Piper Maru, Skinner is ordered to stop the investigation into Melissa's murder. When he challenges that order, he is threatened by the Gray Haired Man and others, and he is later shot in the stomach by Cardinal. The French find the oiliens at the bottom of the Atlantic, and the "black cancer" escapes, jumping from person to person until it finds Krycek.

In Apocrypha, Cancer Man finally recovers the digital tape from the oilien-ed Krycek, and take him/it to his/its spaceship in a silo in North Dakota. Scully captures Cardinal, who is then killed in prison.

[Sculy reading Chung]
Wetwired takes paranoia to the extreme, seriously affecting Scully and making her believe that Mulder is part of the big conspiracy. The episode ends with X reporting to Cancer Man.

The season finale reveals that Mulder's mother had an affair with Cancer Man, and shortly after their encounter she has a stroke. Mulder and Scully chase a renegade alien drone who has the power to heal... which comes in very handy to Cancer Man, who has lung cancer. He is cured, and in return lets the drone escape.

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