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7x22 Requiem


Dispatcher: All units, you've got a 10-13.

Miles: Unit four--this is detective Miles. I'm coming right at you, Ray. Now, you wait for backup before you head out, all right? Unit four--come back, deputy. [Miles crashes into Hoese's car] Deputy Hoese... Ray? Oh, my God.

[opening credits]

Auditor: Lariat car rentals. Totals...[whistles] would you like to see the figure?

Mulder: Is that a lot?

Auditor: A lot? Gas, expenses...the motel rooms alone. By FBI standards, these numbers are out of control.

Mulder: We could start sharing rooms.

Auditor: You're under evaluation. There has to be a point when we say no.

Mulder: Well, you can't really compare what we do to other departments in the Bureau.

Auditor: Right. This business with aliens.

Mulder: Well, there's more to it than that.

Auditor: But, at the end of the day, you'd say aliens are your real focus.

Mulder: That's the reason I got started, yeah.

Auditor: Investigating your sister's abduction and the government conspiracy around it. Both of which have been resolved, correct?

Mulder: Nothing has been resolved, exactly.

Auditor: In this case report here, it's concluded your sister is dead, as well as the men who took her. This is your handwriting here on the report, agent Mulder?

Mulder: Yeah.

Auditor: So, what exactly is left to investigate?


Marita: Your release has been arranged.

Krycek: Marita Covarrubias. The last time I saw you, I left you for dead.

Marita: Alex, if it was strictly up to me, I'd leave you here to rot, too.


Auditor: I see the money bleed out, but it just doesn't seem to make the results of your work any better. So many of the cases you investigate are left unexplained. Makes it hard to justify the expense.

Scully: So much of the work that we do cannot be measured in standard terms.

Auditor: How would you measure it?

Scully: We open doors with the X-Files, which lead to other doors.

Auditor: Doors leading to..."A conspiracy of men who cooperated with alien beings to create human-alien hybrids." So we could all become slaves of an alien invasion.

Scully: I believe that there was once a conspiracy. I believe I was taken by men who subjected me to medical tests, which gave me cancer and left me barren.

Auditor: But you don't believe in aliens?

Scully: I've seen things that I cannot deny.


Krycek: Who sent you?

Marita: The smoking man. He is dying.


Mulder: You said you were finished.

Auditor: Turned in my report, and was asked to go over a few things. As you know, the times we live in, the world is changing fast.

Mulder: I'm missing your point.

Auditor: As I said, this is an evaluation, agent Mulder, to understand what you do. So, if you go forward, you can do so more responsibly.

Mulder: That sounds more like a threat.

Auditor: Cost/benefit analysis. But, if you want the truth, I really don't care one way or the other. You mostly record bizarre facts on bizarre cases. In other words, information gathering. Something, it seems to me, you can easily do on the Internet.

Mulder: I can't do my job from an office, I promise you.

Auditor: Nowadays, the most advanced space exploration is done sitting in an office, agent Mulder. Why? It's just too damn expensive putting men in outer space.

Mulder: I'm not looking in outer space.

Auditor: Bringing us to the point. If you spend so much time and money looking for aliens, responsibly, you should narrow your search.

Mulder: To where?

Auditor: Wherever they are. It's not unreasonable. It's just a matter of reducing your vision.


Richie: Hey, you all right?

Miles: What's the problem?

Gary: Isn't that your car, Mr. Miles?

Miles: Yeah. A small accident. Everything's all right. What are you boys doing out here?

Richie: Well, we heard there was a plane crash--military jet fighter collided midair with a UFO.

Miles: The Navy found their plane about three miles away. We've seen no evidence of any other crash.

Richie: But...we heard a sheriff say he saw a fire burning off the highway at the 20-mile mark.

Miles: There's nothing out here. No fire. No sign of fire. You boys go on home. There's nothing to see here.


Mulder: I think I'm in big trouble.

Scully: Mulder, how many times have they tried to shut us down?

Mulder: Yeah, but I never actually assaulted an auditor before.

Scully: Did you hurt him?

Mulder: I reduced his vision, a little bit. [phone rings] Mulder.

Billy: Agent Fox Mulder?

Mulder: Speaking.

Billy: My name is Billy Miles. I don't know if you remember me.

Mulder: Oregon, seven years ago. You had multiple abduction experiences. I'm here with agent Scully.

Scully: Billy, are you all right?

Billy: Yeah. This may seem weird, me calling like this, but I don't know where else to turn.

Mulder: It's happening again, Billy?

Billy: Yeah, but not to me this time. [hangs up]

Mulder: More alien abductions, Scully.

Scully: I don't know how we could possibly justify the expense.

Mulder: We'd probably turn up nothing.

Scully: Let's go waste some money.


Greta: Hi. He's anxious to see you.

CM: I was worried about you, Alex.

Krycek: Cut the crap, old man.

CM: I heard about your incarceration.

Krycek: You had me thrown in that hellhole.

CM: For trying to sell something that was mine, was it not? I hope we can all move forward...put the past behind us. We have a...singular opportunity now.

Krycek: A singular opportunity?

CM: There's been a crash in Oregon. An alien ship has collided with a military aircraft. Recovery is all-important. It's Roswell and Corona all over again--50 years later. It's our chance to rebuild the project.

Marita: How do you know someone hasn't already recovered it?

CM: It's never quite so easy.


Richie: I'm getting something here, Gary.

Gary: I told you, Richie.

Richie: Hey, man. Look at this. Gary! Gary? Come on, man.

[commercial break]

Billy: Agent Mulder and agent Scully.

Mulder: Look who's wearing a badge.

Billy: I've never thought of myself as a cop, but it's been three years now. My dad got them to fudge the psych qualifications.

Scully: You're married, Billy.

Billy: uh...Divorced. I live back with my dad now.

Mulder: You've never, uh...have you ever been able to get over the abductions?

Billy: Well, I have. But, uh, people haven't. No one really believes it. My dad still denies it ever happen--that any one of us was taken.

Mulder: Does he deny that it's happening now?

Billy: There was a crash. A Navy pilot hit an unidentified aircraft outside of town. Now, the military found their jet, but the other craft hasn't been recovered.

Scully: Why not?

Billy: It's our county and we're in charge of coordinating efforts, but my dad has really been no help, even though we have a deputy missing.

Mulder: You find the UFO, and he won't be able to deny the truth.

Billy: I hope that's all it is.

Miles: What's going on, Bill?

Billy: Just talking to some people you might remember, dad, from the FBI.

Scully: Agent Scully, agent Mulder.

Miles: What brings you folks out here? You're not thinking this incident's some kind of UFO?

Mulder: Crash of an unidentified craft.

Miles: Well, I've been on with the F.A.A. You might want to follow up. Looks an awful lot like there was no crash at all.


Mulder: Deja vu all over again.

Miles: That was there already in case you're wondering at all about it.

Scully: I watched agent Mulder paint that there seven years ago.

Miles: What for?

Mulder: To mark an anomalous electrical disturbance, the kind where time gets bent or goes missing, or where your car loses power and dies in the middle of the road.

Miles: These skid marks are mine.

Mulder: So, was the deputy's car up there sitting there without his lights on?

Miles: Well, if they'd been on, I would have seen him.

Mulder: Good point.

Scully: Detective? Did the, uh...deputy carry a .38?

Billy: .38 super. Why?

Scully: Three shells were discharged. I image they could have rolled from up there.

Miles: What was he shooting at?

Mulder: Probably nothing.

Miles: Nothing?

Mulder: Nothing's all you seem to find out here, detective.

Scully: Was the missing deputy a good cop?

Billy: Yeah, sure, I guess.

Scully: Married? Single?

Miles: Bill! Come on over here with those!

Billy: Married. New baby. [To Miles] You know, they only want to solve this.

Miles: Get in the car, Bill.


Teresa: Yes?

Scully: Sorry to bother you, Mrs. Hoese. We're with the FBI.

Teresa: Is this about my husband?

Mulder: You're Teresa? Teresa Nemman?

Teresa: Yes.

Mulder: Seven years ago you came to agent Scully and I for help. You were afraid of being abducted.

Teresa: Oh, my god. Please, come in. I'm sorry...I sort of lost it when I realized who you were.

Scully: We, uh...we came to see if there's anything that you could tell us that might help to find your husband.

Mulder: We had no idea you were his wife.

Teresa: I don't know if it's important. Maybe I just hope it's not, but Ray and I have a connection that's even deeper for us.

Mulder: He's an abductee, too?

Teresa: He kept it a secret from almost everyone. It doesn't make you real popular around here. His experiences were a lot more terrifying than mine. He was taken many times and tested. I have extensive medical records on him, and photos of his scars. I'll get you the files.

Scully: [to the baby] What do you see? What do you see? Once upon a time there was a little baby.

8:08 PM

Mulder: Who is it?

Scully: It's me.

Mulder: What's wrong, Scully? You look sick.

Scully: I don't know what's wrong.

Mulder: Come in.

Scully: I, uh...I was starting to get ready for bed, and I started to feel really dizzy. Vertigo or something, and then I just...I started to get chills.

Mulder: You want me to call the doctor?

Scully: No, I just...I just want to get warm. Thank you.

Mulder: It's not worth it, Scully.

Scully: What?

Mulder: I want you to go home.

Scully: Mulder, I'm going to be fine.

Mulder: No, I've been thinking about it. Looking at you tonight, holding that baby, knowing everything that's been taken away from you. A chance for motherhood, and your health, and that baby. I think that...I don't know, maybe they're right.

Scully: Who's right?

Mulder: The FBI. Maybe what they say is true, though for all the wrong reasons. It's the personal costs that are too high. There is so much more you need to do with your life. There's so much more than this. There has to be an end, Scully.


Krycek: In spite of a great deal of effort, no one seems to be able to find this UFO of yours.

CM: Of course they can't.

Krycek: You know why? 'Cause it's not here.

CM: It's there, Alex. I'm certain of it. Hidden in plain sight.

Krycek: You listen to me. If you're gonna play games, the two of them, Mulder and Scully, they're going to beat me to it.

CM: Are you saying that Mulder and Scully are there looking for the UFO?

Krycek: They're looking for a missing deputy.

CM: Well, they're looking for the right thing, but in the wrong place.

Krycek: You sent me looking for a ship.

CM: Find the deputy, find the ship.


Teresa: Who is it? Ray? Oh, my god. Oh, my god. I was so worried. I was so sure...what did they do to you this time? Ray, talk to me. You're not my husband. No! No!


Mulder: What happened, Billy?

Billy: Teresa's gone. She's been taken, and they took her.

Scully: How do you know?

Miles: The door was open.

Mulder: Scully...the floor. What do you see? The same thing as out on the road. You've seen it before.

Scully: Yeah. I have. We both have.

Billy: What is it?

Scully: It's a biological toxin emitted as a gas through the bloodstream.

Billy: From who?

Scully: From what is arguably an alien.

Billy: You OK?

Scully: Yeah.

Billy: You sure?

Scully: Yeah, I'm fine, thanks.


CM: Thank you, Greta.

Marita: Why the trouble, to bring Krycek here, and then toy with him?

CM: Do you trust Alex, Marita?

Marita: Then why bring him here at all?

CM: You misunderstand. I've great faith that Alex will find the ship. But if I told him how, he'd be...he'd be tempted to sell the information.

Marita: And you're certain it's there?

CM: Oh, yes. But it won't be there forever. It's rebuilding itself.

Marita: If he finds the ship, then what?

CM: To possess it is to possess the answer to all things. Every possible imaginable question.

Marita: To God?

CM: There's no God, Marita. What we call God is only alien--an intelligence much greater than us.

Marita: They're coming here, aren't they?

CM: They're only coming back.


Scully: Mulder...

Mulder: Hey. Hey, what are you doing?

Richie: I was just standing there. Is that against the law?

Mulder: You know this guy?

Billy: Yeah. What are you doing, Richie?

Richie: They took him. They took Gary. He was just gone.

Mulder: Relax. Slow down.

Richie: They're out there. I don't care what your dad says, Billy.

Billy: My dad?

Richie: He was out there, too. He knows.

[Billy leaves]

Richie: I was shining my flashlight in the dark, looking for the UFO and uh, the beam hit this spot in space--like it bent the light.

Mulder: And then what happened?

Richie: Well, I yelled, "Gary!" and I looked, but he wasn't there, you know? He wasn't anywhere, man, and then the flashlight got really hot, and I dropped it. It's right around here somewhere. Oh, hey, here it is.

Mulder: Scully? Scully? Scully. You want some water?

Richie: What happened to her?

Mulder: Can you just get her some water?

Scully: I just...I just...I just hit the ground.

Mulder: Here, lie still.

Scully: Why is this happening to me?

Mulder: It's OK. It's OK.

Scully: What the hell's going on, Mulder?

Mulder: I don't know, but these aren't just random abductions, Scully. We've got to warn Billy Miles of that.

Scully: Warn him of what?

Mulder: These abductees aren't just systematically being taken. They're not coming back.


Billy: Dad?

Miles: Billy...what are you doing?

Billy: You stay where you are.

Miles: Billy, it's me.

Billy: I said, stay where you are!

Miles: Damn it, Billy, listen to me.

Billy: No. I don't know who you are, but you are not gonna take me.

Miles: I'm your father. Are you going to shoot your father?

Billy: If you're my father...then why won't you believe me?

Miles: I believe you, Billy. I just want it all to go away. Give me the gun, son.

Mulder: Billy?

Scully: Billy?

[commercial break]


Skinner: Agent Mulder.

Mulder: What's our punishment this time? Thumbscrews or 40 lashes? Come on in, Walter, sit a spell. This could be the last time you take a trip down to these offices.

Skinner: You went to Oregon.

Mulder: Guilty as charged. And if they're coming down on you for that, I'm sorry. I truly am.

Skinner: Fortunately, they think that I make a contribution to the Bureau.

Mulder: Oh, well, yeah, stick to a budget and they say you're making a contribution, but push the limits of your profession, and they say you're out of control.

Skinner: You could bring home a flying saucer and have an alien shake hands with the president. What it comes down to, agent Mulder, is...they don't like you.

Mulder: Well, we didn't bring home a flying saucer or an alien.

Skinner: Yeah, so I've been told.

[Krycek and Marita come in]

Mulder: Mulder! I think you should listen to him.

Krycek: You've got every reason to want to see me dead. But you've got to listen to me now. You have a singular opportunity.

Mulder: Here, or you want to step outside?

Marita: Agent Mulder. Cancer Man is dying. His last wish is to rebuild his project--to have us revive the conspiracy. It all begins in Oregon.

Krycek: The ship that collided with that Navy plane--it's in those woods.

Mulder: There's no ship in those woods.

Krycek: Yeah, it's there, cloaked in an energy field. While he mops up the evidence.

Mulder: Who?

Krycek: The alien bounty hunter. Billy Miles, Teresa Hoese, her husband. He's eliminating proof of all the tests. We were asking ourselves...we were asking ourselves, where are they? They're right there. They're right under our noses. I'm giving you the chance to change that. To hold the proof.

Mulder: Why me and why now?

Krycek: I want to damn the soul of that Cigarette-Smoking Son of a Bitch.

Scully: Mulder?


Frohike: What's amazing is that even the military satellites don't see it.

Langly: But JPL's Topex Poseidon shows it only as waveform data.

Byers: And here it appears simply as a microburst of transmission error on the European Space Agency's ERS-2.

Skinner: In other words?

Frohike: In other words, you'd never know it's a UFO.

Byers: If you didn't know what you were looking at or looking for.

Langly: No wonder we couldn't see them.

Krycek: Listen, it is not going to be there forever.

Marita: As we all stand here talking, it's rebuilding itself.

[Scully walks out, Mulder follows]

Scully: Mulder, if any of this is true...

Mulder: If it is, or if it isn't, I want you to forget about it, Scully.

Scully: Forget about it?

Mulder: You're not going back out there. I'm not going to let you go back out there.

Scully: What are you talking about?

Mulder: It has to end sometime. That time is now.

Scully: Mulder...

Mulder: Scully, you have to understand that they're taking abductees. You're an abductee. I'm not gonna risk...losing you.

Scully: I won't let you go alone.


Skinner: This is starting to feel like the snipe hunt I was afraid of.

Mulder: There's no such thing as a snipe, sir.

Skinner: Hey, you know, my ass is on the line here, too, agent Mulder.

Mulder: I know that.


Scully: This just can't be.

Frohike: What are you looking at?

Scully: Medical records--Billy Miles and other known abductees in Bellefleur, Oregon. They all experienced anomalous brain activity.

Byers: Electro-encephalitic trauma.

Scully: Which is exactly what Mulder experienced earlier this year.

Langly: I don't understand.

Scully: There was something out there in that field. It knocked me back. Because it didn't want me. Mulder thinks that it's me that's in danger of being taken.

Frohike: When it's Mulder who's in danger. Scully? Scully! Whoa!


Skinner: How's it supposed to work?

Mulder: Not exactly sure, sir. But, uh...budgetarily, I'd say we're looking pretty good.

Skinner: Agent Mulder?! Mulder! Mulder! Mulder...


CM: We've failed. Perhaps you never meant to succeed. Anyway...the hour is at hand, I presume.

Greta: What are you doing?

Krycek: Sending the devil back to hell.

CM: As you do to Mulder and to me...you do to all of mankind, Alex.

[Krycek pushes CM down the stairs (with one hand)]


Skinner: Agent Scully.

Scully: Hi.

Skinner: Hi. How you feeling?

Scully: I'm feeling fine. They're just running some tests on me.

Skinner: Well...uh...

Scully: I already heard.

Skinner: I lost him. I don't know what else I can say. I lost him. I'll be asked...what I saw. And what I saw, I can't deny. I won't.

Scully: We will find him. I have to. Sir, uh...there's something else I need to tell you. Something that I need for you to keep to yourself. I'm having a hard time explaining it, or believing it. But, uh...I'm pregnant.

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