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Any fan of H.R.Giger and the Alien movies would have no problem recognizing the X-Files alien. Tom Woodruff Jr. and Alec Gillis (both of whom also worked in Alien: Resurrection and Alien3) didn't bother to make many changes to the Alien design they "borrowed" from H.R. Giger.

[alien #1]

The X-Files' alien is a bit more humanoid. It has no tail, and it has large eyes, but look at the hands and fingers (#1), and particularly the mouth (#2) and cranium (#3).

[alien #2]

Is this the alien from the X-Files or Alien? How can you tell?

[alien #3] [alien #3]

[alien #4]

As seen in #4 and #5, this alien looks a lot like Alien:Resurrection's Newborn. Let's not mention the goo, or using human as hosts for gestating aliens. What happened to creativity, guys?

[alien #5]

Having said that, I do appreciate Rob Bowman's decision to show the alien as little as possible. Less is definitely more. Luckily, the characters and story in The X-Files lift the movie well above lousy monster movies.
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