X-Files ratings

On the first or second week of January 2001, I charted the X-Files ratings for season 1 through 7, and later added partial ratings for season 8. However, I made a serious mistake with the numbers for seasons 4 through 7: instead of using ratings, I charted the number of viewers. This significantly distorted the curve. I mixed apples and oranges, and from Elementary School you know how dangerous that combination can be.

Thanks to Lothar Bartsch <x@txf.net> for pointing out the error on January 18, 2001.

Well, here are the correct numbers. I'm leaving the old charts in for comparison. The old charts with the wrong data are on the left, and the charts with the correct data are on the right. Each chart is about 900x600 pixels, 20-27 KB.

Seasons 1-7

old chart new chart

Seasons 1-8

old chart new chart

OK, let's move on:

Seasons 1-9

seasons 1-9


Compare trends with the ratings for Star Trek: The Next Generation:

ratings for sttng

Seasons 7-8 close-up

seasons 7-8 close-up

Millions of viewers:

seasons 7-8 close-up (viewers)

Millions of viewers, taking the non-Mulder episodes out of Season 8:

seasons 7-8 close-up (viewers), no Mulder

Seasons 7-9:

seasons 7-9

Season 9 compared to The Lone Gunmen:

season 9, Lone Gunmen

Season 9 compared to...The X-Files (Season 1):

season 1, season 9

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