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This site went online in 1996, when the number of Mafalda sites could be counted with the fingers on one hand. This was only THREE years after the WWW was born.

There have never been, and there will never be, any pop-ups, banners, or any other distractions or commercial activity on these pages. This is purely a Mafalda and Quino fan site.

There are some parasites on the web who take other people's creative elements (such as design, graphics) and use them without asking permission or giving credit.

Let's clarify the difference between copyright and plagiarism. Copyright law protects an author's exclusive rights of ownership. Copyright does not need to be registreted--every creative work is automatically protected by copyright. Copyright law also allows for limited use of creative materials without permission, under certain conditions. For example, "for nonprofit educational purposes," "criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (...) scholarship, or research" (U.S. Copyright Law, Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 107).

There are NO EXCEPTIONS for plagiarism. If you use someone else's work, you MUST quote the source.

For example, the Mafalda icons on this site were created by Gabi <fejgielman@redestb.es> -- I am using them with permission, and giving proper credit.

When there are two copies of the same creative element in two different places, there can be doubts about who the real author is.

Here is an example:

http://usuarios.lycos.es/montes_3/index400.htm (2005/06/07)

Mundo Mafalda
Mundo Mafalda

Consider the following example of plagiarism from www.noticias.com, where they copied my text WORD FOR WORD. There are no quote marks, and they do not cite the source:




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