Carter Cult

      Are you asking yourself - Where am I and
      Why am I here?   Well, this is the Carter
      Cult and you have been called here.

      An Angel came to this student of denial
      and paranoia.   It was then that I saw The
      Light.   I knew that my undying devotion
      to The Almighty wasn't enough.   I knew that
      that I must spread The Word and gather
      the others.   The Disciples of The Teacher.

      Then it came to me.   I knew that I had to
      create this section.   For those of you who
      continue to search for The Truth.

Join Me

      If you wish to submit your own tribute to
      The Creator please feel free to send it to
      me.   If you are not creative (like me :)
      send your name and I will list it among
      the others, the other's who know that
      The Truth is out there.

"The Lord's Prayer - X-Phile Style"

        Our Father
        who art eternally jet-lagged
        Carter be thy name
        Thy aliens come
        Thy will be done
        on earth as it is in Mythology
        Give us this day our daily truths
        And forgive us our trespasses
        as we will shoot those
        who trespass against us
        And lead us not into skepticism
        But deliver us from cloning
        For thyne is the X-Files
        In untrusting denial
        Forever in paranoia


        By fellow student of denial Angel


A special note to anyone who take's offence:
This page is meant in fun and in no way intends
on offending anyone.   If you cannot see that,
you definately need to lighten up!


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